directing chamber opera
Ein dunkler Schacht ist Liebe

"Jery und Bätely"
opera by J.G.Reichardt
Jery und Bätely
"Ein dunkler Schacht ist Liebe"
Love song walzes by J. Brahms
"Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank"
Chamber Opera by G.Frid
Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank
 "Love is a dark pit"
(Lovesong walzes by J.Brahms)
  "The Diary of Anne Frank"
(Chamber Opera by G. Frid)
  "Mademoiselle Julie"
(Chamber Opera by A.Bibalo)
  "Jery and Bätely"
(Opera by J.G.Reichardt)
  "Porqè! Porqè! Tango Orphèe"
(Libretto by Annette Jahns and Hans Georg Wegner
Composition by Johannes Wulff-Woesten)
Libretto, Dramaturgie von und mit der Komponistin Agnes Ponizil
Inszenierung Annette Jahns
7.10.2004 Labortheater der Kunstakademie Dresden
Gastspiele in Leipzig und Chemnitz

Nach „Orpheus in der Unterwelt“ von J. Offenbach
Premiere 10.12.2009

Ausstattung: Martina Lebert
Musikalische Adaption und E-Gitarre: Daniel Wirtz

   R E V I E W S

on: "Ein dunkler Schacht ist Liebe"
(Love is a dark pit )
(Love song walzes by J. Brahms)

  "Annette Jahns listens to the composition and to the
  innermost movements inside these walzes.
  She lets her fantasy roam, at the same time she dreams
  in sounds and discovers not only a secret eroticism
  that Johannes Brahms wrote within his songs ...
  As with the "Winter`s Journey ", with Schumann`s "Cycle of Songs", ,
  with Wagner`s "Wesendonk Songs"and
  the "Songs of a Travelling Journeyman" by Gustav Mahler,
  Annette Jahns has taken up the director`s gamble again
  and succeeded once more."
  H.Regitz, Opernwelt, Sept/Okt.1998
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on: the mono-opera "Anne Frank"

  "In Dresden they have dispensed with the ending Frid originally intended.
  Instead of proceeding through the concentration camp gateway to certain death,
  Anne is allowed to go on living in the mask in which we recognise her:
  tlike a doll from a window display she is carried throughout the scene by the
  throughout the scene by the accompanying young man who brings
  her forwards to the ramp, and dresses her standing behind the table.
  The pianist then puts the writing feather between her fingers."
  G.F.Kühn, Radio 3 (NDR/SFB/ORB) Musikforum, 2.2.1999
  Before the rapt applause at the end of the performance there was silence.
  Annette Jahns has succeeded in making a highly sensitive, and subtle course
  dramatic events, endowed with the spirit of the music and the
  historical material."
  M.A.Guhl, "Der Sonntag" Newspaper, 14.2.1999
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on: "Mademoiselle Julie"

  "The "kleine Szene"(Small Scene) Theatre is always good
  for interesting performances - and Annette Jahns for impressive productions.
  Consequently the première of the chamber opera "Mademoiselle Julie"
  on Friday evening was a celebrated event."
  F.Streller, Sächsische Zeitung Newspaper, 18.10.1999
  Annette Jahns` approach was to concoct an explosive mixture
  "out of the bare "turn of events" -
  and she convinced us; three people stood on the stage and become
  entangled in relationships and dependencies,
  constrained and dictated by their own temperaments
  and emotional states, to such an extent that the end
  brought about a complete dismantling
  of all of the figures, carried out ultimately by death itself."
  A.Keuk, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten Newspaper, 18.10.1999
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on: "Jery and Bätely"

  "In short, a "musical delight" - though not from Mozart,
  although at times his serenade from the "Entführung..."
  ..." appears, albeit so zestfully, imaginatively and
  ironically enriched by Annette Jahns,
  Marina Zydek and Franz Promnitz von Promnitzaus that one
  is delighted by it in every respect."
  H.Regitz, "Opernwelt" Journal, Juni 2000

on: "Porqé! Porqé! Tango Orphée"

  " basically the transference of the Orpheus-mythology
  into the tango-underworld and at the same time the combination
  .of Gluck's opera "Orphée et Eurydice" with the world of tango-sound.
  This successful union is due in part to the ingenious production
  by Annette Jahns, supported by Raymund Hilberts' sensuous choreography...
  Wolfgang Sandner, FAZ Newspaper ,5.2. 2002
  "This story is staged in such an imaginative manner that one is
  overwhelmed by the performance. All this was perfect and artistic... "
  Friedbert Streller, Sächsische Zeitung Newspaper, 4.2. 2002
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